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Structural Engineers (m/f)

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China State Construction Engineering Corporation
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Opis radnog mjesta: Structural Engineer

Responsible for all work related to the Bridge structural work and provides technical support and assistance to the Site Superintendent.

1. Responsible for the draft bridge construction drawings related to structural engineering, docking with supervision and design units, and timely coordination and drawings revisions based on comments, until the drawings are approved.
2. The preparation and submission of the bridge construction method (English version and local language version), and timely follow-up revisions based on the supervision comments, until get approval.
3. Responsible for the management and guidance of on-site structure construction, coordination and communication with the supervisor and owner, provide effective technical support for on-site construction.
4. Responsible for works relevant documents for on-site structure construction, and timely follow-up and coordination until approval.
5. Independently or assist in completing the static calculation work related to the construction of the bridge structure.
6. Provide assistance in the implementation process of major problems that cannot be decided. If the internal resources of the project can solve the problem then issue a consultation opinion; if not, seek the help from relevant experts and issue a professional solution.

1.6+ years working experience is preferred.
2. Strong skills of English speaking and writing.
3. Experience with SOE, Structural works.
4.Experience working with SFWMD or similar owners in a complex and big Project
5. BS in Civil Engineering or Construction Management.
6. Strong knowledge of Excel, Word and Project software.
7. Professional license of Structural design in B&H.
8. Capability of familiar for use CAD;
9. Static calculation skill for structural works.
10. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
11. Strong organizational skills.
12. Detail-orientation, flexibility and multi-tasking attitude.
13. Attitude to follow instructions

Applications for this position should be sent via

Kindly reminder:Please send your CV in English.
Vrsta posla:stalni radni odnos, rad na određeno vrijeme
Regija:Hercegovačko-neretvanski kanton regija

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